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Protein Pacing

  • Protein
  • Resistance
  • Interval
  • Stretching
  • Endurance
  • Weight Loss ~ Athletic Performance ~ Wellness

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Protein Pacing Burns Belly Fat and Builds Muscle!

Protein Pacing as your "Morning Muscle Maximizer" ("MMM") and a "Bedtime Belly Fat Burner" ("BBB")

The Morning Muscle Maximizer (MMM) emphasizes the very important 1st meal to start the day that transitions our body from breaking down muscle to maximize building muscle.
Bedtime Bellyfat Burner (BBB) - This emphasizes the very important last meal of the day to enhance belly-fat burning during the night while you are sleeping.
These are 2 of the most simple and easiest (quick and easy low hanging fruit) lifestyle strategies that everyone NEEDS to do to optimally enhance our body composition.

Dr. Pauls’ PRISE℠ Wellness Plan

Dr. Pauls’ PRISE℠ Wellness Plan A proprietary system designed to collect key biometric data for an individual and then customize their personal health and wellness program. PRISE℠ will dramatically improve the key bio-metric markers which will become known as the “cardio-metabolic health quotient” (CMHQ). The key interventions and recommendations for each individual will come through the automated PRISE system and will include push notifications through mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smart-watches.

Initial Screening, Assessment and Evaluation of PRISE™ for Wellness Participants/Members

  • On-site Biometric Screening, Assessment and Evaluation
    • Body Weight
    • Body Composition
    • Body Mass Index
    • Waist Circumference
    • Blood Pressure
    • Heart Disease Risk: Blood Cholesterol and Lipids
    • Diabetes Risk: Blood sugar

Preventative, On-going Education for Members

  • Health and Wellness Blogs (Text & Video) with Integrated Content from Nourishing Science (Secure Access)
  • Tracking via mobility integrated devices (PRISE Accelerometer)
  • Nutrition Education and Counseling via Live Webinar
    • Healthy Eating Tips
    • Healthy cooking classes
    • Brown-bag-lunch health/wellness support meetings
  • Fitness Training Education and Counseling both on-site and on-line
  • Social-Media Platform to engage, motivate, and encourage participation
  • Stress Reduction Techniques
  • Health Coach Training for Wellness Teams
    • one-on-one sessions and group sessions

Program Components & Delivery

Program Customization

Includes Personalized/Customized Protocol Goals and Push Notifications to Users

  1. Users can enter in a “goal” and the PRISE™ App will produce personalized goals, including
    • Weight reduction
    • Improved Body Composition (Decreased fat; Increased Muscle Mass)
    • Reduce Stress/Improve Sleep
    • Increase Muscle Strength
    • Improve Core Strength
    • Increase Endurance
    • Eat healthier every day

  2. Provide customization to each user using multiple variables that are tracked from within application (diet, activity/exercise, goal body weight, reduce stress, etc.):

    • Daily Food Menu: What to eat, when to eat
    • Daily Exercise Routine: What to do, how long to do it for, levels of intensity while doing it
    • Daily Stress Reducer/Relaxation Routine (text and images with accompanying video)
    • Users can store progress and login to the Protocol anytime to retrieve real time customized Protocol from Dr. Paul

  3. Daily Reminders: Remind the user when it’s time to do something (push notifications) ii. ON/OFF function

    • Other Customizations:
    • Share w/ Your Coach/Trainer /Manager (optional)
    • Tell a friend or co-worker about the application
    • Give this application as a gift
    • Rate this app
    • Use these alerts to give users real-time feedback to make healthier lifestyle choices

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