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Protein Pacing

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Protein Pacing Burns Belly Fat and Builds Muscle!

Protein Pacing as your "Morning Muscle Maximizer" ("MMM") and a "Bedtime Belly Fat Burner" ("BBB")

The Morning Muscle Maximizer (MMM) emphasizes the very important 1st meal to start the day that transitions our body from breaking down muscle to maximize building muscle.
Bedtime Bellyfat Burner (BBB) - This emphasizes the very important last meal of the day to enhance belly-fat burning during the night while you are sleeping.
These are 2 of the most simple and easiest (quick and easy low hanging fruit) lifestyle strategies that everyone NEEDS to do to optimally enhance our body composition.

Testimonial - Frank

I just completed Dr. Paul's diet and exercise program and I want to tell you my story.

I'm 55 years old, in decent physical, and excellent mental health with an open mind to improve my life.  My wife encouraged us to attend a seminar Dr. Paul hosted to talk about his interest in finding participants for this study.   

As a 33 year veteran in sales and marketing, I've developed an excellent sense of character and personality when I hear a person talk.  After listening to Dr. Paul, it was clear he knew what he was talking about.  Not only was his expertise in the subject of nutritional and physical health obvious but the passion he had for his work was undeniable.  He spoke from a perspective that only a well studied, knowledgeable, and technically correct scientist could do.  I decided on the spot I wanted to be a participant.  My wife and I applied and were chosen.  

To succeed in this program, I needed to:

     1.  Believe in his program.
     2.  Understand the diet and exercise components.
     3.  Be committed to and apply the healthy lifestyle strategies to my everyday routine.  

I followed the diet with a focus on detail and perhaps more importantly, a personal commitment to doing it correctly.  I began by getting organized with recording my goals, creating / maintaining exercise records, and scheduling my 6 meals a day.  I committed myself to the concept of a FP&T at every meal and was pleased to discover I didn't go hungry (FP&T - Fist of carbohydrates, Palm of protein, and a Thumb of fat).   

Every time I exercised, I worked hard and pushed myself to my own personal limit at every bout.  To benefit from the exercise metabolically, it's essential to understand and correctly achieve the exercise intensity levels recommended.  The progress was amazing.  After only four weeks I felt stronger and more flexible than I had been in years.  As I progressed through the protocol, I didn't hesitate to have the team be sure I was doing all exercises correctly.  I took criticism seriously and make the corrections as recommended.  It's like anything else in life, if we don't do things correct, we can't expect optimal results.  As an example, while doing the sprint bout, if by the second or third sprint you’re not sweating and almost gasping for air at the end of the sprint, you’re just not working hard enough.  I found myself looking forward to studying Dr. Paul's weekly healthy lifestyle strategy.  I took notes and developed a system to summarize each strategy in a 'cryptic' way on my black berry so I always had the information with me.  During down time throughout my day, I retrieved this information for review until it became routine for me.  I printed all attachments and put them into a 3 ring binder at home.  This binder has been (and still is) placed 'up front and center' in our home.  It goes with us to the grocery store so we purchase the right foods.  When I travel for work or personally, I can make smart choices in restaurants to maintain my commitment to the nutritional component for optimal health.  When Dr. Paul tells us that proper nutrition trumps exercise - BELIVE HIM - because it's true.  

Here's the results of my 16 week experience:

99% of the weight I lost was in pure body fat while increasing my lean muscle mass.  My waist to hip ration went from 1.01 to 0.93!  My TC to HDL (TC = total cholesterol) ratio went from 5.0 to 3.7!   


Dear Dr. Paul and Team,

Ok, Ok, I admit it - I miss you all BUT very happy to report we've keep up with all exercise bouts thus far!  We're transitioning our FM to the exercise room!  Got rid of most of the furniture so far, the pool tale will be gone tomorrow.  We do yoga there now and rotate between I, II, III, and Express at 4 weeks intervals (we purchased the 4 DVD's for a very reasonable price), I’m using the new bike for the sprint and endurance bouts and we did buy from Dr. Paul the functional training set and are using it!!  So far, we're also keeping up the healthy nutritional component!   We're committed to make this a life style!  

We find by doing it all here at home, it saves us a lot of time and time is our most precious commodity!  The key is - WE WANT TO DO THIS AND WE ARE COMMITTED!  Good luck to all and DON'T GIVE UP!

Frank F.


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