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Protein Pacing

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Protein Pacing Burns Belly Fat and Builds Muscle!

Protein Pacing as your "Morning Muscle Maximizer" ("MMM") and a "Bedtime Belly Fat Burner" ("BBB")

The Morning Muscle Maximizer (MMM) emphasizes the very important 1st meal to start the day that transitions our body from breaking down muscle to maximize building muscle.
Bedtime Bellyfat Burner (BBB) - This emphasizes the very important last meal of the day to enhance belly-fat burning during the night while you are sleeping.
These are 2 of the most simple and easiest (quick and easy low hanging fruit) lifestyle strategies that everyone NEEDS to do to optimally enhance our body composition.

Testimonial - Gary

To tell you the truth I was not sure I even wanted to take part in this weight loss program, I hate to excise and I love to eat.

I don't eat well because I am in a hurry and I eat because I love food. My boss where wanted all of his people to take part in Dr Paul’s program because we were all overweight, and the people in the office were having heart attacks and strokes.

I came to live with the fact I was going to have a heart attack. My cardiologist told me it not if you’re going to have a heart attack, but when. My cholesteral was in the 400 range and they could not control it, even with meds. My doctor told me I was a candidate for the band stomach operation, and I was thinking about getting it. So Dr Paul came to our training and present his program, but I still was not sure I want to do it.

But I went to the meeting anyway and got the forms and signed up.

Then it started I was put into the whey group and it was no big deal to me. I like the stuff, and it a good chocolate fix for me. Six small meal a day - I love it! I am eating six time a day and I never hurry, and I still can eat cookies and chocolate.

Now for the exercise. I hate to exercise! I use to exercise all the time, but then in 1994 I walked it way from it and I don't miss it.

But 4 times I week I did what Dr Paul’s protocol called for. I even did yoga - let me tell you yoga is no joke!  It's not my favor excise but it works! the 4 day a week was no big deal after I got in to it. It was supposed to be tough, it was not hard at all it made you sweat. But the worst part was getting up to go so early in the morning! But once I got there it was fun most days and that hour went by so fast.

The facts:

  1. I start the program at 358 lbs. and now 287 and still losing!
  2. I went from 54" pants to 46" pants and still losing. Now I can buy off the shelf, not at the big and tall.
  3. Cholesteral went from 400 to 144 or there about with no meds and I  don't need to go to the doctor but once a year instead of every six months
  4. My wife says I sleep better and don't snore any more
  5. I can be active with my family not feel big and fat and out of place and not be tired
  6. The truth is I feel good I feel good about myself and don't have to worry so much about sitting in a chair and the chair breaking
  7. I know this to be true if I did not do this program I would 380 0r 400 lb.


So in closing, when I say I owe Dr Paul and his student's my life. I mean it!! The protocol program has changed me. It made me happier, and most of all healthier, and it's not work at all, it's just looking at food different.

Thank you,


Ps. I will never be able to thank you enough thank you again, and my wife still wants to meet you!



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