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Doctor says fitness tracking devices need to be looked at in steps

Are you among the millions sporting some kind of fitness tracking device?

By: Benita Zahn

I use a GPS watch for running. It also keeps track of the steps I take daily.

Are these gizmos helping us to be healthier?

I visited a local nutrition and exercise specialist for the answer.

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Wellness... As a Business Strategy!

What is the answer to the dilemma of deteriorating health and productivity?

A Comprehensive Lifestyle Approach to Long-term Health & Wellness

Dr. Paul has devoted the past 25 years to conducting scientific research studies demonstrating the proven effects of lifestyle strategies to improve health and physical performance. Using the latest scientific research and technology platforms, PRISE™ for Wellness makes it easy for employers to enhance employee personal health and wellness, and thus increase work productivity.

At Nourishing Science, LLC we believe that optimal health and wellness is achieved by keeping your “Eye on the PRISE™”!

A well-designed Wellness program should have 3 MAIN OBJECTIVES

  1. Improve the health of all employees and thus reduce financial risk for the organization.
    The direct and indirect costs associated with unhealthy employees are significant. Employers pay 50% more per year in health care costs for unhealthy and stressed employees. That’s over $300 billion in stress related costs each year! Absenteeism, employee turnover, insurance premiums, medical costs, and worker’s compensation claims can all lead to significant financial risk and diminished productivity of the aggregate workforce of your organization. Dr. Paul and his team have developed PRISE™ for Wellness to effectively reduce the financial risks of unhealthy and unmotivated employees which in return will reduce your overall costs and exposure.

  2. Enhance aggregate work performance of individual employees.
    Obviously, every organization has a goal of improving the bottom-line. The best way to do that is to increase the productivity of its employees. An organization’s performance improves when the leaders and managers of the organization are “on-board” with developing a culture that supports the employees in becoming “healthier and happier”. We have a program to help your leadership and management teams become more focused and engaged in what matters most in improving workforce performance.

  3. Maximize the ROI on human capital
    Improve BOTH the mood state and physical wellness of employees so they can perform at a higher level. 77% of Americans say that they are ‘stressed at work”. Nourishing Science LLC has the proven scientific solution to improve the mental mood state and the physical wellness of your employees and their families as a whole. This approach has been scientifically and empirically proven to improve both the mood state and physical condition of employees. The solution is PRISE™ for Wellness!

Key Components of a Highly Successful Wellness Program

  1. Evidence-based: Scientifically proven to enhance psychological and physiological outcomes.

  2. Social: Uses the power of social interactions and peer-to-peer motivation to drive positive change and results.

  3. Accessible: Incorporates the latest technologies in information delivery and communications to provide a ubiquitous, 24x7 experience.

These three key components deliver the results that are necessary for a successful program. And just what are those results?

Our program can produce happier, healthier employees which are more motivated and productive.

A wellness program must be used to be effective. Many programs have very low adoption, or aren't even used by many employees. The ones that do use it may have very low results. Our program will create positive interactions among your employees that will result in healthier habits, an increased interest in health and wellness, and increased employee happiness.

We make it easy to participate at work, at home, or on a mobile phone. Your leadership will quickly see it as a proven business benefit. The behavior change that we create will be visible and/or measurable.

Here are some of the other fitness and lifestyle benefits:

  • Enhanced Mood State and Attitude
  • Improved Body Composition
    • Reduced Total and Abdominal Body Fat
    • Increased Proportion of Lean Muscle Mass
  • Improved Heart Health
  • Increased Physical Performance including Muscular Strength, Endurance, and Aerobic Fitness


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