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Doctor says fitness tracking devices need to be looked at in steps

Are you among the millions sporting some kind of fitness tracking device?

By: Benita Zahn

I use a GPS watch for running. It also keeps track of the steps I take daily.

Are these gizmos helping us to be healthier?

I visited a local nutrition and exercise specialist for the answer.

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Dr. Paul Arciero

Dr. Paul's Protein Pacing | 08.22.17

Protein Pacing Trademark


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Dr. Paul Arciero

Road Warrior Nutrition | MVP 9.24.14

My first introduction to a road warrior (RW) occurred during my childhood watching my dad, a traveling clothes salesman, prepare for the work week every Sunday. His routine involved organizing and packing huge bags of clothing samples he would carry up from the basement, one by one, and load into the trunk of his car.

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Dr. Paul Arciero

Chocolate Time | MVP 11.21.14

Chocoholics have officially entered into the “chocolate eating zone”, also known as the time of year that starts with Halloween in the fall and ends with the Easter and Passover holidays in the spring.

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Dr. Paul Arciero

Back to School Nourishment: Sleep, Eat, Move | MVP 9.1.14

I loved summertime growing up. It was complete randomness and non-routine which meant freedom, fun and play. We dreaded the first week of school because it all came to a screeching halt when we needed to follow the back-to-school schedule. Now, as a parent the past 20 years, I have a better appreciation for the back-to-school routine and I actually encourage others to embrace the schedule, too. My wife and I use several strategies to ease the transition from the fun-filled, unscheduled summer routine to the scheduled back-to-school routine and found there are additional bonuses that make life easier and healthier for our family. Remember, it all starts with the three pillars of optimal health: sleep, nourishment, and physical activity.

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Dr. Paul Arciero

Dr. Paul's Fall Start | MVP 10.20.14

As I write this month’s blog, I’m standing at my computer and gazing out the window in the early morning of a typical fall day in the northeast. Well, typical in terms of splendor. The birds are chirping, the sky is a bright rich blue, and the sun a brilliant yellow.

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Dr. Paul Arciero

RISE Part 4: Endurance (E) Training | MVP 8.11.14

This is the fourth installment of my R.I.S.E.TM exercise training routine I introduced previously (see, “RISE Up!” and “Before and After”). As a reminder, “RISE” is my acronym for Resistance (R), Interval (I), Stretching (S), and Endurance (E) training. Each routine is designed to target a specific health and fitness related component.

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